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Van Baren Legal Advice advises creative professionals about the way they can protect their products and designs and provides them with legal tools for their business. Informal communication, good quality services and reasonable fees are its core values.


Services provided by VBLA include advice about if and how to protect your ideas, designs and trademarks, guidance with the registration procedure, drafting and reviewing all sorts of agreements. VBLA has certain fixed priced products and sometimes works at an hourly rate. 


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The most common mistake made by small businesses and independent makers is not protecting their Intellectual Property and implementing contracts carefully. Focused on developing and sharing their product – whether it be software, a design, artwork, audio work or an app – they often neglect the legal aspects of their business, running the risk of detrimental consequences.

Whether you’re launching your business or have an existing creative product, VBLA provides guidance and advice tailored to your needs.

VBLA offers a comprehensive set of services to ensure that you can protect and use your rights. If you’re a start-up and would like to have an overview of the legal needs in each of the stages of your company, please look here.

Although our current clients are mainly concentrated in the UK, the US and the Netherlands, our expertise in intellectual property law extends to most international treaties including the US and EU and is not, therefore, confined to certain countries.



Securing your rights

As the rights owner, you have the exclusive right to use and (commercially) exploit your creations. When you have come up with a great name for your company, you don’t want anyone else to be able to use it. You need to establish your ownership rights correctly to ensure that these can be upheld in the event that they are compromised or disputed. This may involve registration of your rights (trademarks, designs, patents), draft solid contractual provisions or even review your corporate structure.

VBLA will advise you regarding the most effective and appropriate ways to secure your ownership rights. Taking into account the investment, potential value and risks they represent and how you may wish to use or share your rights in the future.



Designing and drafting contracts

When running a business, proper contracts are a necessity. Investing in the legal side of your business may not always be a priority, but it is a small investment compared to the costs of solving your problems afterwards. Free templates are available all over the internet, but these often prove too generic, not covering the problems you encounter in your business. Contracts are essential in avoiding any misunderstandings and can best be tailored to your specific situation.

Securing your intellectual property is a main concern when drafting contracts. After investing time, energy and money in your creation, such as software or a design, you need to be able to exploit and share your rights safely. VBLA will advise you of your options for conferring rights safely, while ensuring that any remuneration, credits or information you receive in return is secure. We will draft the appropriate contracts or license agreements you need and provide you with any support you may need during contract or license negotiations.

A few examples of agreements that we draft:

- Terms & Conditions

- Joint Venture Agreements

- Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s)

- End User License Agreements (EULA’s)

- Privacy Policies

- Disclaimers

- License Agreements

- Transfer Agreements

- Distribution Agreements

- Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

- Escrow Agreements



Reviewing contracts 

You may have existing documents that require updating or you may be asked to sign a third party agreement regarding work to be performed or the usage of your current and/or future creations. In any case, it is important to understand and protect your rights, while avoiding misunderstandings and potential liabilities.

VBLA will review existing documents and where appropriate recommend changes, clarification and supplements. We can also
re-draft documents where appropriate.



Taking action if your copyright, design or trademark are infringed

The risk of your rights being infringed has never been higher; the pervasive internet coupled with ongoing digitization has created a global opportunity for parties that wish to abuse and exploit your creations without your permission, without providing you with credit and fair compensation. This raises the question: what to do if you believe that your rights have been infringed?

VBLA will advise and support you in taking action against anyone that infringes or abuses your rights anywhere in the world. Our approach is pragmatic and avoids unnecessary involvement in costly, often prolonged legal procedures, while protecting your reputation, your investment and your income.



Guidance and support to avoid or resolve legal conflict

You might be the one accused of having infringed someone else’s rights. Or you might end up in some other legal issue with a client or a third party. Please consult us before you take any action. Before setting up a defence strategy we will look into the legal value and relevance of the claim made against you. Our aim will be to solve your matter before it’s taken to court.

For clients based in The Netherlands: should your case be taken to court, the friendly and expert lawyers of Huesmann Advocaten, with whom we collaborate, are fully competent to represent you in litigation matters.